Holocaust Essay by Lakshman Chakravarthy

City: Roorkee
Category: Student

The Holocaust wasn’t an event from the shelves of webbed past, in a savage society devoid of civilization. It happened amongst educated bourgeoisie, no different to us, who let the tragedy happen by standing idle, leaving no ground for laxity in its remembrance. Leaving a scar on humanity, the Holocaust reminds us of the dehumanization we are capable of, and the value of humanity that can be revived thereof. Holocaust remembrance advocates humanity as an axiom to posterity, forfend repetition and audit future hate crimes. Remembrance also transpires the intrepid ones who ran the risk of saving few victim lives at the expense of putting their own in peril. 

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Holocaust Essay by Sanjeet Vikram Singh

City: Dehradun
Category: Student

The holocaust is not something that should be confined to a chapter in 10th grade History Books. Because Genocide, and murder are contemporary. We must remember the Holocaust because it is a warning. A warning that evil unchecked, can shake the very foundations of the earth. A warning that was ignored during the Rwandan Genocide. A warning that is being ignored even today in Syria.

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Holocaust Essay by Mitrajit Biswas

City: Sanand
Category: Research Scholar

The idea of remembrance of Holocaust reminds of the sheer horror that has transpired a part of human history. I don’t want the piece to seem clichéd but it is undoubtedly a truth that the holocaust is one piece of human history that cannot be side stepped. The context of India with holocaust has not been that deep except for the reading in history as a part of the detail. The idea for the remembrance of Holocaust touches values of Indian ethos which believes in protecting the human life and dignity of every individual irrespective of caste, culture and beliefs.

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Holocaust Essay by Nishiggandha Kerure

City: Shillong
Category: Student

My first encounter with the Holocaust literature, at the age of 14, began as a simple attempt to learn the English language but soon turned into an unforgettable realization that would have most likely escaped me had I only relied on my academic textbooks to teach me about the world. The horrors faced by strangers in another century, on another continent had the ability to shake me to my core and ask a naïve yet quite unsolved question of ‘how could others let all this happen?’ Elie Wiesel’s journey through Night, Dawn and Day thus aptly taught my young mind that even if one is powerless to prevent injustice, he/she still can and should protest against it. Primo Levi also made me aware of the dangers of common men who believe in and aid the monsters who would otherwise not succeed. Though rage and revenge can be natural reactions, Helmuth Hübener left the lesson that we cannot engage with evil by evil acts of our own.

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Holocaust Essay by Jaideep Singh Maan

City: Bhopal
Category: Student

Many events have occurred in the history of mankind that are too horrible to be believed, but not too horrible to have happened. And “The Holocaust” is one such event- it is beyond vocabulary. This inhumane act is inexplicable by words. Though words may ease the pain, however they may also dwarf this catastrophe. For the Holocaust, a war against the Jews, Nobel Peace Laureate Elie Wiesel has correctly put it, “Not all victims were Jews, but all Jews were victims”.

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