An Interview With John Nash

Source / Credit: Wikimedia
Source / Credit: Wikimedia

“There has been a deterioration in the quality of money that’s observable in many areas, and it brings up questions. Like you could see how money is different all of a sudden in Italy when they had the lire and now they have the euro. So they, in a revolutionary way, have gone from bad money to good money comparatively. But what about the rest of the world?.”


An Interview with Gerd Ludwig

IARC Centre for United Nations - Gerd Ludwig
Source / Credit: Kickstarter | Gerd Ludwig

“These images remind us that accidents like Chernobyl are a possible outcome of nuclear power—anytime, anywhere. I want my project to stand as a document of this man-made disaster—to remember the countless victims of Chernobyl, and to warn future generations of the deadly consequences of human hubris.”


An Interview with Richard Feynman

IARC Centre for United Nations - Richard Feynman
Source / Credit: Caltech

“I’ve learned how to live without knowing. I don’t have to be sure I’m succeeding, and as I said before about science, I think my life is fuller because I realize that I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m delighted with the width of the world.”


An Interview with Elon Musk

IARC Centre for United Nations - Elon Musk
Source / Credit: engadget

“I think a lot of people don’t realize that the sun is a giant fusion explosion. And we’re only talking about duplicating that in small form on Mars, essentially having tiny pulsing suns.”