Become a Humanitarian Action Ambassador / Coordinator

Rio+23 International Certification Program

We believe that United Nations led Humanitarian Action is critical for world peace, sustainable development and prosperity. We drive it through the prestigious RIO Program, launched during the UNCSD Rio+20 Earth Summit, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The 2016-17 Rio+23 Program drives Humanitarian Action in the context of World Humanitarian Summit the Centre for United Nations led operation, Dare to be Human.

If you believe in UN led Humanitarian Action then Apply Now to become a Rio+23 Humanitarian Action Ambassador / Coordinator


  1. Receive Certificate with Official Logos
  2. Lead from the front
  3. Get featured in souvenir publications and social media
  4. Get special invite for Centre for UN conference
  5. Earn handsome rebates
  6. Get Dare to be Human Badge of Honour

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