COP+23 International Climate Change Course 2017-18

The COP+23 International Climate Change Short Course is open for Registration from August 01, 2017.

The Legacy

COP Program (2015-2030) was launched in Paris during COP21. The COP+ short-courses are central to the COP program; they have been hailed for their unique approach and the associated discussion forum.

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COP+23 international short course builds upon the legacy of previous COP+ short courses. The COP Program (and RIO program) has been appreciated by the present Hon’ble Executive Secretary, UNFCCC, Patricia Espinosa and was granted labelled event status by UNFCCC Steering Committee during COP22.

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COP+23 International Course Highlights

COP+ short courses are unique courses which emphasize on sharing perspectives on climate change through an annual program in the context of United Nations led COP conferences.

Purpose: The purpose of the content is to build perspectives

Online Content: The content is designed in a feature-writeup style interspersed with short videos related to the content.

Topics: The topics (see below) of the short-course are weaved through the fabric of the entire content.

Online Classroom: The participant driven discussions takes place in our edmodo classroom. The discussions are moderated and often stimulated by our researchers.

Special Guests: The COP program invites scholars to contribute to the COP program in the form of lectures, Q & A sessions, presentations or write-ups.

Foreign Trip Winners: National Participants have been sent to UN conferences on the basis of their performance in assessments.

Fee & Eligibility

Eligibility: Undergraduate and Above | Disciplines: Open for all Disciplines

Mode: Online Course | Interaction Platform: Edmodo

Course live Date: August 15, 2017

Fee for National Participants
₹ 999 for students | ₹ 1999 for Others

Fee for International Participants
€ 29 for students | € 49 for Others

Group Participation Concession
Please email us on

Institute Fee Refund Policy – If a participant chooses to withdraw from the course within 5 calendar days of getting access then the paid fee will be refunded.

Fee Waivers: 100 participants (mostly students) will be eligible for fee assistance for the year 2017-18. The fee waiver form will be available from August 15, 2017.

Register Now

Registration for COP+23 International Climate Change Program 2017-18 have been closed. COP+24 Program on climate change will be announced shortly.

Course Syllabus & How it Works

Course Syllabus

United Nations & Climate Change

  1. Roadmap of UN Climate Initiatives
  2. Ratification of COP21 Paris Agreement
  3. COP23: The COP of Joint Action

Economics & Law

  1. The Making of the Paris Rulebook 2018
  2. Frontiers of Climate Change Law
  3. The elusive Climate Finance Mechanism


  1. Climate Engineering: Ethics and Necessity
  2. Climate Engineering: The scope in UN Framework
  3. Climate Change: Frontiers of Integrated Engineering


  1. Robotics of Climate Change
  2. Artificial Intelligence and Climate Action
  3. Big Data of Climate Change

Business & Jobs

  1. Climate Change: Business Sector Impacts
  2. The New Jobs of Climate Change
  3. Climate Entrepreneurship

Life Sciences

  1. The Psychology of Climate Change
  2. Evolutionary Responses to Climate Change
  3. Climate Change: A Public Health Issue


  1. Bioinformatics for Climate Change
  2. The Pharmacy of Climate Change
  3. Climate Change: A Public Health Issue


  1. Individual Action to Combat Climate Change
  2. Tracking NDCs: National and Local Implementation
  3. The Nexus of Climate Change

War & Peace

  1. State of Fear: The New Climate Change Debate
  2. The Art of Climate Diplomacy
  3. Wars of Climate Change


  1. Climate Change: Behavioral Challenges
  2. Climate Change: Fashion, Art, Society and Culture
  3. The Climate Action Culture

How it Works


Enroll Register for the program directly or through the campus ambassador / coordinator.

Fee Payment – National Participants
Fill the online form and pay the fee online through our payment gateway

Fee Payment – International Participants
Fill the online form and pay the fee via paypal.

Institute Refund Policy
If a participant chooses to withdraw from the course within 7 calendar days of getting access then the paid fee will be refunded.


Access: The access to online program and virtual classroom will be provided.


Assessments: Online Assessment based on Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQ) & Short Essay Questions
Grading: Grades A+, A and B will be awarded.


Certification: On successful completion of assessment, certificate will be awarded
Rewards like medallions (if applicable) will be dispatched along with certificates