COP+25 International Climate Action Course 2019-20

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COP+25 International Climate Action Program India Circular and Message from H.E. Shri. Prakash Javdekar, Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Government of India

The Legacy

COP Program (2015-2030) was launched in Paris during COP21. The COP+ short-courses are central to the COP program; they have been hailed for their unique approach and the associated discussion forum.

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COP+25 international short course builds upon the legacy of previous COP+ short courses. The COP Program (and RIO program) has been appreciated by the present Hon’ble Executive Secretary, UNFCCC, Patricia Espinosa and was granted labelled event / endorsed initiative status by UNFCCC Steering Committee during COP22 and COP23 respectively.

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COP+25 International Course Highlights

COP+ short courses are unique courses which emphasize on sharing perspectives on climate change through an annual program in the context of United Nations led COP conferences.

Purpose: The purpose of the content is to build perspectives

Online Content: The content is designed in a feature-writeup style interspersed with short videos related to the content.

Topics: The topics (see below) of the short-course are weaved through the fabric of the entire content.

Special Guests: The COP program invites scholars to contribute to the COP program in the form of lectures, Q & A sessions, presentations or write-ups.

Certification: Participants will receive certificates with official logo and grades will be awarded on the basis of their performance in assessments.

Awards & Felicitation: Winners will receive medals of honor during the official felicitation ceremony; to be presented by distinguished guests and scholars.

Fee & Eligibility

Eligibility: Undergraduate and Above | Disciplines: Open for all Disciplines

Mode: Online Course

Course live Date: 23 June 2019

Fee for National Participants
₹ 999 for students | ₹ 1499 for Non students | ₹ 1999 for Educators (Lifetime access)

National Participants

Fee for International Participants
€ 29 for students | € 49 for Others

International Participants

Free Course Access to Select Categories

Group Participation Concession
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Institute Fee Refund Policy – If a participant chooses to withdraw from the course within 5 calendar days of getting access then the paid fee will be refunded.

Course Syllabus & How it Works

Course Syllabus

United Nations & Climate Change

  1. Brief History of UN Climate Negotiations
  2. The Paris Agreement Rulebook
  3. COP25: Time for Action
  4. COP25: The Blue COP

Economics & Law

  1. Betting on Big Climate Data
  2. The Climate Justice Movement
  3. The Climate Finance Conundrum
  4. The New Climate Legislations

Engineering & Technology

  1. IoT of Climate Change Mitigation
  2. Climate Engineering: The Final Frontier
  3. Climate Change: The Engineer’s Nightmare
  4. The De-Industrial Revolution

Agriculture & Forests

  1. UN Resolution on Geoengineering
  2. AI: The Rise of Agricultural Robots
  3. Application of Biodiversity Indicators
  4. The Artificial Trees Solution

Business & Jobs

  1. The Business of Climate Change
  2. Climate Action: The B-School Way
  3. The Wild Wild World of Climate Startups
  4. Show Me the Climate Money

Health & Wellness

  1. The Moods of Climate Change
  2. The Climate Consciousness
  3. Climate Change: A Public Health Emergency
  4. The Talanoa Dialogue

Life Sciences & Biotechnology

  1. The Genetics of Climate Change Mitigation
  2. Molecular Biology for Climate Action
  3. The Synthetic Life Climate Solution
  4. The Lament & Rage of Climate Biologists

Politics & Conflict

  1. The Climate Change Debate Revisited
  2. The Upcoming Climate Wars
  3. The Art of Climate Change Diplomacy
  4. The Dark World of Climate Realpolitik

Do-It-Yourself: The Call for Climate Action

  1. The Heroes of Climate Change Mitigation
  2. Hands-on Individual Climate Action Plan
  3. Climate Leadership 101
  4. Heal the World

How it Works


Register for the program directly or through the campus ambassador / coordinator.

Fee Payment – National Participants
Fill the online form and pay the fee online through our payment gateway

Fee Payment – International Participants
Fill the online form and pay the fee via paypal.

Institute Refund Policy
If a participant chooses to withdraw from the course within 5 calendar days of getting access then the paid fee will be refunded.


Access: The access to online program will be provided.


Assessments: Online Assessment based on Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQ) & Short Essay Questions
Grading: Grades A+, A, B, C and P will be awarded.


Certification: On successful completion of assessment, certificate will be awarded
Rewards like medallions (if applicable) will be dispatched along with certificates