IARF’s COP+25 India Program is putting in a special effort to highlight the climate action initiatives of the Republic of Chile. Here is a brief note;

COP25 is to be hosted and presided over by the Republic of Chile. It will take place in Santiago de Chile, Chile, from December 2 to December 13, 2019. The pre COP will be on from 26 November to 1 December 2019.

In April 2019, President Sebastián Piñera launched the COP25 climate change summit.

On the occasion he observed, “This summit will be a great opportunity for Chile and the world as a whole to truly acknowledge the fact that time is running out, and that the ever-increasing urgency of our objectives requires that we be more ambitious and demand more of ourselves.

The time has come to act.”

COP25 Presidency is entrusted to Environment Minister Ms. Carolina Schmidt, she remarked, “to host COP25 and lead the international negotiations for climate change action is proof that Chile can play in the big leagues. It is an opportunity to make care for the environment a national concern in which each and every one of us has a role to play.”

The COP25 Champion honor was bestowed upon, Gonzalo Muñoz Abogair, a man admired for his successes in sustainable entrepreneurship. He noted, “In this role I hope to help to mobilize climate action on the part of all interested parties – cities, companies, investors and civil society – in order to bring them closer to the agenda and the sense of urgency that brings governments, scientists and NGOs to COP25.”