UN Climate Conference COP22

COP+22 International Climate Action Program 2016-17

Climate Changes Everything

IARC | Centre for United Nations is committed to build momentum towards and beyond COP22 Marrakech UN Climate Conference. The overall program consists of; International Short-Term Course, Event and Lectures.

Registration for COP+22 International Climate Course are closed.
COP+23 Course will go live in June 2017

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Course Syllabus & How it Works

Course SyllabusHow it Works

Course Syllabus

UN COP22 – COP of Action

  1. Roadmap of United Nations Climate Initiatives
  2. Agenda 2030: The Sustainable Development Goal
  3. Ratification of COP 21 Paris Agreement

Economics & Law Action

  1. Climate Finance: Transition to Low Carbon Economy
  2. Legal Framework for Climate Engineering
  3. Cost of Water-Energy-Food-Climate Nexus

Policy Action

  1. Individual Climate Action: Truth and Reality
  2. Tracking INDC: National and Local Implementation
  3. Realpolitik and Game Theory Choices for Climate Action

Engineering Action

  1. Climate Change: Solutions through Nanotechnology
  2. Climate Engineering: Smart Structures and Adaptronics
  3. Climate Change and Integrated Engineering

Politics Action

  1. State of Fear: The Climate Change Debate
  2. The Art of Climate Diplomacy and Negotiations
  3. Climate Change: War and Armed Conflicts

Health Action

  1. Climate Change: A Public Health Issue
  2. Climate Change: Behavioral and Cognitive Challenges
  3. Climate Change: Fashion, Art, Society and Culture

Business Action

  1. Climate Change: Business Impacts and Opportunity
  2. Impact of Paris Agreement across business sectors
  3. Climate Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property

Life Sciences Action

  1. Ecology, Environment and Biodiversity Impacts
  2. Evolutionary Responses to Climate Change
  3. Biodiversity: Climate Adaptation Database

The program gives the participants a never-before opportunity to understand and respond to science, politics and economics of climate change. Above all, this program focuses on Climate Action.

How it Works

Step 1

Enroll Register for the program directly or through the campus ambassador / coordinator.

Fee Payment
Fill the online form and pay the fee online through our payment gateway
(Overseas participants only) – Fill the online form and pay the fee via paypal.

Note: Institute Refund Policy If a participant chooses to withdraw from the course within 7 calendar days of getting access then the paid fee will be refunded.

Step 2

Access: The access to online program and virtual classroom will be provided.


Assessments: Online Assessment based on Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQ) & Short Essay Questions
Grading: Grades A+, A and B will be awarded.


Certification: On successful completion of assessment, certificate will be awarded
Rewards like medallions (if applicable) will be dispatched along with certificates