Rio+23 WHS India Program

Rio India Programs is India’s widest National Level co-curricular program hailed for its content and approach by academics and participants alike. It has in-kind support of national & international organizations, universities and government offices.

Thousands of participants across hundreds of education groups participate in the inspiring short-term co-curricular study courses and workshops.

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COP+22 International Climate Action Course

Centre for United Nations is committed to build momentum towards Marrakesh 2016 UN Climate Conference. The overall program consists of; International Short-Term Course, Event and Lectures.

Enroll Now to participate in the exclusive course about Climate Change in the context of Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, COP22, Marrakesh.

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WSW+16 International Course

WSW+16 International short-course is a special course designed by a team of scientists to advance the objectives and purpose of World Space Week. It is listed with WSW and is part of the official UNITES WSW+16 Program.

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