IARC | Centre for United Nations Events & Conference on Earth & Space (UNITES 2016) is a twin-theme event and conference being organized in collaboration with Nehru Science Centre, Mumbai.

UNITES 2016 Events

The events will be a multi-venue effort organized from October 4 to 24, 2016. It will consist of movie screenings, competitions, lectures and presentations about world space week, global goals and climate change.

International Labeled COP+22 Session

A special session titled COP+22 Climate Action will be organized. This session enjoys the coveted labelled event status of the steering committee of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change COP+22, Marrakech.

Astrobiology Meeting

A special meeting related to astrobiology will be organized.

UNITES 2016 Virtual Conference

This is a premiere international Virtual Conference which focusses on United Nations initiatives, in particular those based on UN Rio+20 Future We Want Outcome, UN Paris Agreement and UN Global Goals.

Call for Papers

The conference will accept short papers from all disciplines in the context of UN Sustainable Development Goals.