Who we Are


IARC | Centre for United Nations is an international organization which works closely with United Nations initiatives.

Our agenda is in accord with United Nations General Assembly declaration A/RES/66/288 – The Future We Want and A/RES/70/1 – Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

IARC | Centre for UN has worked in association / partnership with various UN initiatives including being listed as a Major Group Organization during UNCSD Rio+20 Earth Summit.

We drive conversations, inspire partnerships, cultivate communities and advocate policy-making discussions to support United Nations work for a peaceful and prosperous world, for you and all of us.

Our Activities

Centre for UN International Programs

IARC | Centre for United Nations conducts national and international level courses and programs focused on Rio+20 Earth Summit Future We Want Outcome Document, Sustainable Development Goals and UN Climate initiatives.

The courses and program enjoy in-kind support of national & international organizations, universities and government offices.

Current Program

IYPT 2019 India Program

The purpose of IYPT 2019 India Program is to build perspectives about basic art & sciences and sustainable development in the context of UN Global Goals. IYPT 2019 India Program consists of a special short-term certification course, lectures and official events.

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